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Socialist movement. Chief of the guerilla-fighting units. Two sections of that report dealing with the constitution of the participating forces should be noted. He is also of the opinion that the problem in question could only be solved by experiments on human persons. "Everyone has acquainted himself with the comprehensive Manual for the Waffen SS; the principal points are as follows: "1. 16 The Structure of the German Police. 99 shootings 21 hangings "in Bruenn. IV I-PS Teletype from Goering to Himmler, 14 February 1944, concerning formation of 7th Airforce Group squadron for special purposes. dating latvian 5 824 419 active members and growing

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Of 100 men we can use on the average of 10 or 15, no more. They will assist the Higher SS and Police Fuehrer in their task of re-Germanization, particularly in removing obstacles by forcible measures whenever there is opposition to re-Germanization. The report, dated, relating to confiscation of Polish agricultural enterprises and deportation of the Polish owners to Germany, shows that the following SS agencies were involved in this action: "Means of transportation to the railroad can be provided (1)-by. In these demonstrations all branches of the SS were called on to play a part. At the very top of the chart is Himmler, the Reichsfuehrer SS, who commanded the entire organization. GR C3-C8) for your office, partly for a new research institute. When Nazi Party activity was again resumed in 1925, the SA remained outlawed. In addition, the departments are listed in a directory of the SS published by one of the Main Departments of the SS (2769-PS). A section of that manual entitled "The Way to the Waffen SS reads: "Today at last is the longed-for day of the entrance examination where the examiners and physicians decide whether or not the candidate is ideologically and physically. "I cannot object therefore on the sex auf der party erotikmassage duisburg part of the Reichs Experimental Counsel against the budget claims of the Surgeon General, SS and Police." (002-PS) (5) Functions and Activities with respect to Jewish Persecution. It will show that just as the Nazi Party was the core of the conspiracy, so the SS was the very essence of Nazism. In the course of such war, all components of the SS had a part in the war crimes and crimes against humanity, set forth in Counts Three and Four,-the murder and ill treatment of civilian populations in occupied territory. It is shown on the Chart (the second box from the left) (Chart Number 3). An increase to a total of 90,000 prisoners is contemplated.

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