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the municipality for every one leaving. It is famous for its thermal springs and is an important regional centre for commerce and tourism. Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology - MeteoSwiss. Town Hall Gallery permanent dead link Eburodunum, a Celtic oppidum, a Roman vicus and a medieval and modern village City Hall L'ancien h?tel de l'Aigle Temple Villa d'Entremont World heritage site edit The prehistoric settlement at Baie de Clendy. The Barbarians invaded Italy in the 5th century, and threatened to assault Rome. Religion edit Yverdon city church From the 2000 census, 8,628.4 belonged to the Swiss Reformed Church, while 7,489.7 were Roman Catholic. Archived from the original. Another period of decay followed, and by 1960 the centre and its equipment were again so dilapidated that they had to be closed. After 1838, the castle housed a public school. womenshealth de yverdon les bains


Demontage dans la salle de bain.

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